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  • okay so how about French!Joly, Italian!Musichetta and Rwandan!Bossuet and their trilingual child?

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    If I believe in one thing, just one thing

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  • "In all the Western media craze over the young Pakistani activist Malala, there is a key point ignored about her: She is not only a Muslim feminist, she is a socialist with Marxist tendencies. In her own words: “I am convinced Socialism is the only answer and I urge all comrades to take this struggle to a victorious conclusion. Only this will free us from the chains of bigotry and exploitation.”"
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    watch at least the first minute of this

    please watch the whole thing

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    • teacher: are there any classes you are struggling with?
    • me: the bourgeois
    • teacher: what
    • me: what
    • karl marx: nice
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    my favourite part of shakespeare plays is the person at the end that is like “see how these people fucked everything up. don’t do this. look at this fuckery. look at it. fuck this. fuck everything.”

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    I’m so tired of people telling me German is an “ugly, angry” language. When my German teacher tells us jokes it’s the sweetest, happiest language in the world. When I teach my father the word for daughter he smiles, repeating “Tochter” to himself until he gets it right, and in that moment German sounds like pride. There’s nothing angry or ugly about a language that never says goodbye, only “until we meet again.”

    this is very important

  • Meanwhile in German TV (probably) oder "An Adventure in Siezlock"

    • JOHN: Sehen Sie, Sherlock, dies ist der größte und wichtigste Tag meines Lebens.
    • SHERLOCK: Nunja...
    • JOHN: Nein, im Ernst! Wirklich, und ich möchte da oben mit den beiden Menschen sein, die ich am meisten liebe und die mir am meisten bedeuten.
    • SHERLOCK: Klar.
    • JOHN: Mary Morstan ...
    • SHERLOCK: Ja.
    • JOHN: Und...
    • JOHN: ... Sie.
    • SHERLOCK: Sie haben Mary bereits erwähnt.
    • JOHN: Was? Nein, nein, ich meine...Sie!
    • SHERLOCK: Ja, sie, ihre Verlobte, Mary, ich verstehe.
    • JOHN: Nein, Sherlock. Ich rede von Ihnen!
    • SHERLOCK: Es gibt mehr als eine Mary?
    • SHERLOCK: Ja, deshalb heiraten Sie sie doch, oder nicht?
    • JOHN: *Herr im Himmel, gib mir Kraft*
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  • "It is okay to want your own happiness. It’s okay to care about yourself the most. You are not obligated to sit there and smile and swallow every bit of shit everyone heaps on you. You are more than furniture, you’re more than window dressing, you’re not their shiny toy. You’re human, and you have the right to say “That was shitty of you”. You have a right to protest your own mistreatment and set boundaries for respectful interactions. The rest of the world doesn’t realize you have this right, and they will act offended and appalled when you exercise it, but it is yours."
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    when you hear people talking about one of your obsessions 


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    dark brown almost black eyes are pretty dont let anyone tell you otherwise

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